Censored clothing, gamers rise up against Sony

Censored clothing, gamers rise up against Sony

The first update to Stellar Blade changes many of EVE's costumes, making them less revealing. A real scandal for some players who are calling for censorship and demanding a boycott of the exclusive PS5 and PlayStation Plus devices.

Stellar Blade outfits on the eve of Sony censorship
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Stellar Blade isn't just talked about because of its gameplay or post-apocalyptic world. The game developed by Shift Up has been causing controversy for several months. Firstly because of the physique of her heroine. Then, due to a perceived racist reference seen during Stellar Blade tests.

This disappeared after the publication of the “Day One” update for the PS5 exclusive, which also includes the new game plus mode. These are not the only changes this patch brings. The update also tweaks several EVE costumes, Which prompted some players to cry and demand censorship.

EVE outfits in Stellar Blade are 'censored', players attack Sony

In Stellar Blade, the player can collect various outfit crafting blueprints for EVE. You should then have the materials needed to design it, in the repair unit or thanks to Engineer Lily.

The first update for the PS5 exclusive upgrades one of them, the “Summer Rabbit” nanosuit. Before the patch, this costume was low-cut and barely covered the top of EVE's hips. Now the fighter wears a T-shirt under her shirt and her hips are more covered.

Peony costume. sheep » It will also be modified (EVE wears tights, which wasn't the case before) as well as a bionic nanosuit that now covers more of her chest. Scandal for the part of the public that pointed the finger at Sony's decision, despite Shift Up's assurance that Stellar Blade will not be censored anywhere.

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It's time to boycott the game “,” Hit Sony in the wallet, that's the only thing they understand » Can we read on X and Reddit. Some players indicate that they purchased the game in the physical version before it was released offline. Therefore, the patch is not installed and EVE clothing remains as light as possible.

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It seems like some people are canceling their PlayStation Plus subscription, A way to “punish” Sony, in their opinion. There is also a petition on Change.org called “Free Stellar Blade” for the Japanese publisher to overturn its decision. It has more than 44,000 signatures.

  • Many of the EVE costumes in Stellar Blade were changed by day one of the patch
  • Nanosuits reveal less exposure to EVE skins, which doesn't sit well with some players
  • Some have canceled their PS Plus subscription in protest
  • A petition on Change.org condemning these changes has already received more than 44,000 signatures

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