Wood still finds its place in modern décor

Wood still finds its place in modern décor

Often associated with a more traditional or mountainous decoration, wood does not lose its charm in contemporary combinations. And this is in all regions of France!

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Inside and out, these ecological materials invest homes in the form of functional and decorative furniture and equipment.

Wood magic

Wood has a natural and authentic look that makes the décor welcoming and friendly. This highly versatile material also benefits from great resistance to time and weather, especially outdoors if you choose wood treated accordingly.

Pleasant to the touch and the eye, wood is a natural heat insulator, which is why it is especially popular in cold or mountainous regions. But it is also used all over the country, in modern homes as well as in older buildings!

In outdoor spaces to bring personality

Wooden garden furniture can blend harmoniously with nature or with the style of your home. Wood immediately gives a discreet and relaxed character: garden furniture, wooden deck chairs, dining areas, furniture in the summer kitchen … Lots of ideas for incorporating wood with small touches into your outdoor living space. To protect yourself from the sun in high season, it is also possible to use wood to build a pergola and take advantage of a shaded area on the terrace.

More practical, many people choose to have a wooden carport installed in their garden, in particular to save storage space in the garage or to park a car sheltered from the weather. In addition to being an aesthetic and practical garage, Solar carport It can also be equipped with photovoltaic panels to produce energy from sunlight. A very suitable eco-friendly choice if you live in a sunny area!

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Indoors, in home centerpieces

Inside homes and apartments, wood is also used to give living rooms elegance and warmth. In the living room and kitchen, wooden furniture blends perfectly with state-of-the-art equipment. Choose associations that are balanced so that they don’t cross boundaries too much ; Wood Coffee Table Fabric Sofa Table and Chairs with Steel Legs for Dining Room Metal Console Lighting Fixtures …

On the bedroom side, you can combine materials to create a warm atmosphere to your liking: a wooden bed and a waxed concrete floor are accompanied by industrial-inspired furniture (with glass and metal). Perhaps you will find your future Hardwood bed on Nation-Literie !

In addition, know that wood contains a number of substances! Bamboo, oak, beech or maple. They all have their own colours, patterns and origins. You have a wide choice of incorporating wood into your home while creating a personal atmosphere.

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