Cannes Film Festival 2022: The sweet little sound of “Everybody Loves Jane” with Blanche Garden

25 May 2022
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Critics’ Week
Everyone loves Jin
Everyone loves Jin
by Celine Defoe
With Blanche Garden, Laurent Lafitte, Maxence Towell, Nuno Lopez, Marthe Keeler…

Our first impression of the movie:

The second special show of Critics’ Week 2022″TEveryone and JaneBlanche Jardines appears as an exemplary woman involved in a largely failed environmental project, in which she has to return to Lisbon to empty her mother’s apartment in order to sell it to pay off her debts. Crossing at the airport a strange character named Jane, with whom she has been in school for a long time, finds herself There against her demons, Ben Vitor, a former Portuguese lover, and this clumsy man, played by Laurent Lafitte.The film undoubtedly puts in the pictures the questions and reflections of this woman grappling with certain fears or doubts, through small animated scenes that represent her inner voice.

There is a certain success in the method of giving life to this little creature made with black pencil strokes, like a mass of hair concealing a body only arms can sometimes be seen, which can be multiplied wisely. For her part, Blanche Garden seems to have stepped out of her comfort zone here, avoiding overly sarcastic outbursts and proving that she can therefore walk away from her character on The One Woman Show. And so I was able to create true sympathy for this lost woman who is looking for a new lease on life.

Watch the trailer for “Everybody Loves Jane”:

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