WhatsApp adds 3 new filters to your conversations

WhatsApp adds 3 new filters to your conversations

(Ecofin Agency) – According to the latest study by Hootsuite and Meltwater, we spend an average of 17:06 minutes per month worldwide on WhatsApp. Which leads to many conversations on a daily basis. To help us categorize them correctly, the app introduces new sections.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp announces new filters for our conversations. This is what reveals Last article It was published on his blog on April 16, 2024. To be more precise, there are 3 filters that will allow you to organize your conversations and thus find the messages you are looking for more easily.

First, the first filter is “All” which shows the default view of your discussions. Then you have “Unread” to find messages that are unread or marked as unread. Ideal for people who receive a large number of messages daily and want to come back later to respond to them calmly. And finally, the “Group” filter. According to WhatsApp, this is a highly requested feature that will allow you to find all the groups you belong to in order to participate more easily. This filter also displays subgroups of your communities.

According to the message: “We've created filters to help you organize yourself better, find your most important conversations faster, and navigate your messages more efficiently.

The feature is currently rolling out and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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