Football – Sufian Amer: “I would like to start the match over without making these three mistakes”

After the heavy defeat of the Portuguese in Amiens against Buffet, Sufyan Amir could not help but recognize the superiority of the Izarians. But he regretted having to leave in the tenth minute, delaying 3 goals.

It’s impossible to hope for anything with such a start to the match…

Ah, yes, of course we’re getting into it from the start. We believed that, before the match, we saw mixed results at home. But it is in N2, even if it is mixed, it does not mean that it can go that way. We had to double our efforts by 5, by 6. We put ourselves in danger on our own at the start of the match. And when you take three actions out of three, no matter how much you believe you, you have to quit.

What is the prevailing sentiment, the feeling of saying the Beauvais buffet was too strong or that you gave them the match?

It’s a few of the two. They’re on top, but I’d like to start the game over again without making those three mistakes. Even if, it must be admitted that by being objective, they were above. To beat them, you had to play a perfect game from start to finish. We were far from it. Then, when you start collecting 4-5, the goal is not to give up, and to keep going until the end. In the second half we took less, put one, and we will remember that. You have to remember something positive. Because if we only think about the bottom line, we won’t put ourselves in the best psychological position to attack next week (this week, editor’s note).

Our game is to play, to take risks, we might have to run less…

7-1 defeat at home, should we absorb it?

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That’s why I say you have to remember the positive. Negative, we know it. We made mistakes that we make even in the league. Our game is to play, to take risks, and maybe we should have run less… Then, it happens, we all miss the passes, the checks. Except that by doing it against this type of team, he pays cash. They were still much higher, and they didn’t underestimate us, but that must also be taken into account. The N2 team that arrived as a senator, could lose the match, they respected us until the end. We made too many mistakes to hope for anything.

Can we say that there are no regrets?

In any case. Really, I would have liked to start the match normally, let’s say. Because we felt good in the first minutes, we were running really well, and we weren’t afraid to play. Then we had three hits and started getting frustrated when we were 3-0, we had nothing to lose, we could have tried to do something.

Benoît Sturbois said there will be things to reuse in R2 matches, is that how you feel too?

Yes, I totally agree. We saw it during the first half against Jamachis: we stayed in two matches in the Coupe de France against the lower level teams and I think we’ve speeded up our pace, we were very slow to build.

Nous avons également recueilli la réaction de l'ancien amiénois Morgan Mauquit (12 matchs de National avec l'ASC), n°10 de l'AS Beauvais, à l'issue de cette rencontre : "On a été sérieux dans l'approche de ce match et on est bien rentré dans la rencontre, parce qu'on sait l'importance que cela a pour que ce soit plus facile. On a su être très bons et efficaces dans les transitions. On savait que c'est une équipe qui aime jouer parce qu'ils ont des bons joueurs, donc on s'est positionné assez haut sur le terrain, on a joué des transitions rapides et on a mis l'intensité qu'il fallait."

Interview by Morgan Chaumier
Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports (archive)

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