One of today. The Portuguese Parliament, having barely met, is already “in deadlock.”

One of today.  The Portuguese Parliament, having barely met, is already “in deadlock.”

“Chiga or predicament”, Title News diary On the cover of its issue issued on Wednesday, March 27, or in this context: “We are at a dead end here.”. A play on words on the name of the far-right populist party Chiga – which means its name “its enough”but it comes from the verb “It arrives” – Who yesterday obstructed the election of a president for the new parliament, which is meeting for the first time since the legislative elections on March 10. On the front page of the newspaper, a bicycle seat, cleaned by a maintenance worker, remains empty awaiting the third vote scheduled for Wednesday.

As for the only candidate, Representative José Pedro Aguiar Branco, from the moderate right-wing Democratic Alliance, who achieved a very narrow victory in the legislative elections, he did not obtain the required majority (116 votes). “Controversial votes are a harbinger of ungovernability.” Advertises in its pages the daily newspaper Lisbon.

The result was met with surprise because Chiga's president, André Ventura, announced that he had issued a directive to support his candidacy – in the hope of electing one of his own people to one of the vice-presidential positions. But it is clear that the representatives did not follow these (alleged) instructions.

“A first look at a hidden country”

The head of the executive, who has a very small majority in parliament (80 seats, two more than the Socialist Party), announced that he would govern without Chega (50 seats). It is a real challenge that he was able to assess on Tuesday, when parliamentary re-entry ended in “chaos”, Reports News diary. However he called Montenegro “From a standpoint of responsibility.” The opposition asks it not to form a “Negative coalition” To obstruct him.

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“today [de mardi] “He gave a first glimpse of a hidden country.”, Note on his side general. “Ventura plays to show the strength he has gained,” The newspaper confirms in its editorial: “Yesterday, Montenegro's difficulties became clear: a budget surplus does not solve political impasses, and although it is possible and constitutional to rule by decree, many important pieces of legislation have to pass through Parliament. It is difficult to imagine what will happen when representatives have to To pass laws that affect people’s lives.”

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