This magical feature is available for all smartphones for free

This magical feature is available for all smartphones for free

A series of absolutely magical functions, driven by artificial intelligence, are available on all smartphones. You will be able to edit your photos in no time!

It's hard to take beautiful photos with your smartphone. Firstly, not everyone has a premium device, which costs around 1000 euros. Then comes the problem of creating the image. Poor lighting, unwanted elements, ambient noise… There are many parameters to take into consideration over which we have no control. But then, are we doomed to take basic photos, without any flavour? No, because artificial intelligence could come to our rescue.

Google has developed AI-based photo editing tools that make it easy to make complex edits, with simple, intuitive actions, like repositioning the subject, removing an unsightly object or character from the frame, or changing the sky from gray to blue. . The result is truly amazing! Unfortunately, Google has so far reserved it for Pixel devices and Google One subscribers. Powerful marketing argument! But in a wave of generosity, I finally decided to share it with all Google Photos users, on Android as well as on iOS.

Thus, you will be able to take advantage of the “Magic Retouch” functions that allow you to move objects in the photo, “Portrait Lighting” that allows you to correct the backlight, and “Photo Unblur” that allows you to remove image blur. image, and to the famous “magic eraser”. The latter is especially appreciated, as it allows to remove an unwanted element from the image in a few seconds thanks to the artificial intelligence responsible for recreating the pixels from those that appear around the deleted object. You can also incorporate elements that are not in the original image! Your only limit is your imagination, and it's too bad that the shot isn't very realistic anymore.

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However, there are some conditions that must be respected to take advantage of these new features. First, you must have a smartphone running at least iOS 15 or Android 8, with 3GB of RAM to be able to use Google's various photo editing tools. In addition, the “Magic Retouch” feature requires 4GB of RAM. There are some limitations too, since this functionality will be limited to ten uses per month if you don't pay for a Google One subscription or don't have a Pixel smartphone. It's always better than nothing!

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