Accused of animal cruelty: She left her old blind dog on the side of the highway

Accused of animal cruelty: She left her old blind dog on the side of the highway

A sixty-year-old woman from Phoenix, Arizona, will face animal cruelty charges after she abandoned her old blind dog on the side of a highway 315 kilometers from her home.

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“On August 26 at approximately 11:30 a.m. […] An elderly dog ​​with a visual impairment was seen coming down the exit ramp. Sheriff [Mark J.] Daniels and his wife, Nikki, secured the shaking dog in their car, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona reported Thursday in a Facebook post.

After more than a week of investigation, police on Wednesday were able to track down the dog’s elderly owner, identified as Karen Black, 62, who will now have to answer charges of animal cruelty, the New York Post reported Friday.

Thanks to an identification chip, the police were able to track the homeowner to her home in downtown Phoenix, after the latter ignored “attempts” by the authorities to contact her.

After denying her actions through a “misleading story” — particularly noting that she had never set foot in Cochise County — the sixty-year-old finally admitted that she had abandoned her old dog on the side of the road, without “notifying the troopers.” “From the system,” we can read in the post.

US media reported that she would have to visit the province again, located about 315 kilometers from her home, to appear in court near the end of the month.

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