Pregnant female snow leopard at the Toronto Zoo

Pregnant female snow leopard at the Toronto Zoo

Jetta was brought to the Toronto Zoo last January after she was identified as a suitable partner for Pemba, a nine-year-old male, who zoo officials describe as “playful and sensitive.”

Zoo officials say there was “love at first sight” – or pheromone – between the two snow leopards.

Zoo officials indicate that Jetta's birth period is likely to be between May 6 and 27, but the expected number of cubs has not been determined.

But the Toronto Zoo warned in a press release that announcing pregnancy should be accompanied by some caution. Pemba did give birth, but none of the cubs survived due to medical complications.

Difficult pregnancy?

In addition, the first pregnancy can be difficult for inexperienced mothers like Geeta.

“With this knowledge, the care team is busy preparing to ensure the best possible outcome no matter the situation,” the statement said. Continuing ultrasound examinations will allow her progress to be monitored and hopefully this pregnancy will continue without problems.

The Toronto Zoo is part of a cooperative snow leopard breeding program among accredited zoos in North America.

The snow leopard is considered a “species at risk” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's list. They are found in the rugged mountain ranges of Central and South Asia, extending from Russia to the Himalayas.

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