The posters for the Coupe du Cher and other divisional cups are well known

The posters for the Coupe du Cher and other divisional cups are well known

The draw, which took place on Wednesday evening in Saint-Amand-Montrond, resulted in posters Bourges Moulon B – FC Saint-Doulchard; The Portuguese Bourges – E. S. Troy. The final table for the other cups is also known.

Sheer cup

Bourg Moulon B (G2) – FC Saint-Dolchar (G1) (at Aubigny-sur-Ner, April 1)

Bourges Portugues (R3) vs ES Troyes (R2) (at Saint-Amand-Montron, March 31)

Guéritat Cup (consolation)

Leary (D3) – Asl Elwes (D3); March 31

USA Plimbe (D3) – S. Colombier (D3); March 31

Feigenblum cup (reserve)

Portuguese by Mehun B – AS Saint-Germain B; March 31

Borg Gaslik B – ESBV B; March 31

Bichons Cup (U18)

Young Terres Vives – Bourget Meulon; On April 20th.

You. Saint-Germain/Saint-Solange – Young Poachute; On April 20th.

Portuguese Bourges or Bourges Foot 18 – SC Masai; On April 20th.

Vierzon FC – Borg-Gazelec; On April 20th.

Cino Cup (U18 consolation)

ft. C2L – Ear, Nose and Throat. Dear North, On April 20th.

Portuguese de Mehun – FC Saint-Dulchard; On April 20th.

Burges judges – Vierzon Chaillot; On April 20th.

US 3C – Heinrichmont/Minetou; On April 20th.

Pelashes Cup (U15)

Es Troyes – Bourget-Moulon; On April 20th.

Portuguese Bourges – Bourges Foot 18; On April 20th.

FC Saint-Dulchard – Ent. Saint-Germain/Saint-Solange; On April 20th.

You. North Deer – Vierzon Chaillot or Vierzon FC; On April 20th.

Consolation Cup for under 15 years

Ex-Ryan/Percy-Borg Gazelec


Burgess South – IBSV


Jacket Cup (Veterans)

Borg Moulon – Int. United States Minneto-Salon/Barassi; On April 5.

first. Mihun – CS Vignox; On April 5.

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Arvis Cup (Women's 11)

AS Verdigny – INT. ASC/US Saint Florent; On April 28th.

Bourges Foot 18 B – Portuguese from Bourges; On April 28th.

Simir Cup (8 women)

USC ASO Convention – Portuguese de Mihon; On April 28th.

Portuguese Borg B – Es Troy; On April 28th.

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