‘Soho Karen’ Miya Ponsetto has a long history of going hotels

‘Soho Karen’ Miya Ponsetto has a long history of going hotels

Hotels are clearly the go-to place for so-called “Karen Soho” who falsely accused a black teenager of stealing her iPhone in a violent confrontation captured on video in Manhattan.

It turned out 10 months ago Allegedly, she went rampant in the soho foyer The day after Christmas, Mia Ponsetto, 22, was arrested in February after she and her mother caused disturbances at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills by refusing to leave. According to TMZ.

the post Details of the California criminal case against Ponsetto and her mother, NicolePublic poisoning charges were brought against them in the accident.

But the TMZ account adds new details.

Hotel staff asked the women to leave, and called the police when the couple refused – only because Nicole Ponsetto assaulted an officer, shoved and kicked the policeman, TMZ reported.

The mom faces an additional battery charge on a police officer and the two women will be in court later this month.

The incident apparently did nothing to directly frighten Poncetto – just one day after she was accused of public poisoning in the Peninsula Hotel accident, on May 27, she was slapped for drunk driving in Los Angeles County, where she has not advocated any competition, TMZ said.

Ponsetto He faces possible charges In New York, including assault, grand theft, or attempted robbery, NYPD said.

She is allegedly wanted by the NYPD Attacking Keyon Harrold Jr. At the Arlo Hotel on Dec 26.

Ponsetto currently resides with her mother in California, where she is It was picked up by The Post on Friday And she’s having a quick lunch, and she says to our lens guy, “I don’t know what’s the problem here” and “I’m also Puerto Rican, so thank you.”

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Another former student told The Post Saturday, “It was a famous girl, a cheerleader, who was a degree older than me” at Simi Valley High School in California.

“You won’t even look your way if you think you don’t matter or if you don’t have the money,” said former student Vanessa Storchel, now from Phoenix.

She said, “But I was really surprised to see this.”

“It’s weird to see someone in high school who was a famous girl who ended up that way. It never crossed my mind that Mia would end up racially profiling someone like that.”

“She was one of those girls who seemed to have surrendered everything to her.”

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