The King of Fighters XV will host the Samurai and then other DLCs in 2023, the annoying new Fatal Fury (Garou)!

The King of Fighters XV will host the Samurai and then other DLCs in 2023, the annoying new Fatal Fury (Garou)!

L ‘Evo 2022 It is an event not to be missed vs fightSo it’s no wonder publishers and developers choose to advertise big there. This is especially the case SNK with The fifteenth king of fightersAnd the Who revealed the release date of Awaken Team Orochiin addition to the promising via play for the year 2023 and season 2. We also had a date during the tournament finals to find out Fourth team in DLCswhich will be available to owners Team pass 2. Well, it didn’t fail, with more ads to follow, all bundled into a new trailer.

So these are HohmaruAnd the Nakuru And the Darley Dagher Who will integrate the game inside samurai team This fallthe three of Samurai Showdown. Emphasis is also placed on the fact that the main characters in killer rage (Terry Bogard), King warriors (Kyu Kusanagi), martial art (Ryo Sakazaki) And the Samurai Showdown (Hohmaru) in the same game to compete.

And in 2023 in addition to via play Of all the platforms, this is it Shingo Yabuki And the Kim Kavwan that will be playable, among other things. Obviously a model TeamPass They will not be returned unless there is a surprise.

The King of Fighters XV SNK Cross 07 08 2022King of Fighters XV Roadmap 07 08 2022

And the SNK He certainly didn’t come empty-handed for this Evo 2022because in addition to these related ads KOF XV And the Undo network icon for Samurai ShowdownAnd the He also formalized a new game world killer rage / they weremore than 20 years after the original release of Garou: Mark of the WolvesAnd the It has since been released on PS4, among other things. At the moment, except Rock Howard And two other shadow figures in the alley, a priori Billy King And the Ken RWe have nothing to put in our mouths, but this simple ad will delight more than one.

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Trailer for Fatal Fury Garou 07 08 2022

The fifteenth king of fighters Has it been sold? From 47.24 EUR onwards Amazon.

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