Grams. Luminous encounter on stained glass

A stained-glass window is currently being restored in the Saint-Germain de Rignac.

Magalie Moulin, the glass craftsman, responsible for this restoration, on Tuesday, June 14, invited the Association of Ier, Uei, Deman, Rinhac to visit their stained glass workshop located at 30 November 11th Street in fines. Dozens of members accompanied their president, Françoise Allegri. Using the aforementioned stained glass window as the common thread in her presentation, Magali Mullen explained the different stages needed for restoration: on-site disassembly, cleaning, trace creation, repair of missing parts, and final restoration and reinstallation. Each of these steps was detailed by teaching methods and simplicity, allowing the audience to fully understand the different processes: cutting glass, choosing paints, patina technique, and squeezing lead.

To the many questions asked, the glass craftsman always answered meticulously, often walking the talk, as during a display of particularly amazing pieces of glass. During a workshop visit, Magali Mullen, Fine Art graduate and Greta de Chartres, presented her creations, giving design details for each. She concluded her speech by noting that she specializes in the restoration of rural heritage using the traditional stained glass technique, and she also produces her own creations (glass painting, lamps, etc.) and responds to the request of individuals. She can be reached on 06 07 55 72 27, [email protected]And the

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