EVE Online – The frontlines of the Faction War revival on EVE Online

In order to revitalize part of the universe, studio CCP Games reveals the mechanics of the future renewal of Factional Warfare on the MMORPG EVE Online space

Universeeve online It offers different activities according to the aspirations of the pilots. In low security systems, clashes between players are recorded in the hacking or factional war log. The Faction war It takes the form of a pledge to one of the four main factions of New Eden, with income generated from completing the positions assigned to the Star System’s Swing Possession in favor of one faction. To register, FPS Dust 514 He proposed fighting on the ground of the planets of these same systems in order to contribute to the war effort.

Interest in this element of the game has gradually diminished over time, approaching a certain form of indignation that prompted CCP Games He announced his redesign at the Fanfest conference last May. The studio has made enough progress to reveal some of the mechanics of this revamp in its developer blog, at this is the address For those interested.

The main idea of ​​this renovation is to focus the income on the front lines, which will evolve according to the actions of the players during this endless struggle. The risk should generate more battles, while showing everyone where the action is and thus avoiding the current dispersal among all the star systems involved in faction warfare. In parallel with the redesign of sites dedicated to gaining readability in their titles, a reward system will appear with greater income if one completes the goals that developers still have to set. The purpose of the maneuver is to supervise and direct the players, when sandbox It should reconsider its intentions.

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