The future of the Forum de Villemagne

The fate of the assembly “Le Forum de Villemagne” has been decided over a meal in a Spanish hostel, on Sunday 9 October, at 12 noon. There were fourteen people (but dozens were excused for various reasons), who shared a moment of cohabitation around the table. Which made it possible to conclude that “Le Forum” had its place in the village because it was complementary to other associations whose events are held mainly on sunny days. After various exchanges, Catherine Domenek and Odell Thieret offered to continue the smooth running of the association, after reducing the inactive association’s statutes. Many ideas arose around the table, which were not implemented until then. A meeting will be held with members of the various village associations soon in order to draw up a collective calendar for the various events. It might also be interesting to chart some commonalities. A meeting will be proposed after the year-end festivities, in January, to settle the details of restarting the new format of this Assembly and to see the prepared schedule.

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