Football: the Portuguese to pass three

FC Porto Portuguese from Amiens made the third consecutive trip to Oise, this time to Chevrières, at R2. Hoping to do like the previous two.

When approaching the last league game, the Portuguese from Amiens It was predictable. Having come out of a heavy defeat at the Coupe de France that followed a match that was not entirely successful, Benoit Storboa wanted to “Rest assured” in the content.

Two matches later, against Saint-Maximin in R2 and at Nogent in the French League Cup, finished 0-2 each time, the job was done. Thus, Amiens exited the match ” While that assured in the game. “

And if it’s still there Things to reviewIn particular “Go to Loss”this allows “To watch this match against Chevrières with a good eye, humble but with urges and one Confidence in capital at the highest level. » Thus the will“Go get something”provided that “Put the same accuracy as in the last two games, be GrandDisciplined and diligent. »

The only black spots on the board, finally, absences ciragedini And the Bimand maybe SeguenebouAnd the “suspicion” In the face of the shortage of fuel and the postponement decided by the province. The uncertainty has finally disappeared since the university decided to keep meetings. To make the trip, note that the club has a file Becausewhich facilitates the reduction of the number of vehicles.

Host in doubt?

On the other hand, his opponent should not necessarily come on the weekend with too much confidence. and lo Chevrieres Grandfresnoy stay on one win 1-3 in R3, Villeneuve Saint-Germain, In the League Cup, the start of the season for the Isarione is far from ideal. So they are just registeredone point In the first two league matches, Saint-Maximin held it in probation at home, before losing to Abbeville. without opening the goal meter.

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Meanwhile, they didn’t even have the chance to reassure themselves French Cupunable to get rid of a team playing at a lower level, Liancourt Claremont (R3)In a very difficult scenario, at 11 vs 10 For 20 minutes, then he received the equalizer in extra time (1-1), before losing on penalties (4-2).

The Portugueseone of the three teams from Group A that has been full so far, and therefore has the chance to make it ” series “ Face an opponent struggling to start the machine.

3rd day of the regional program 2
Sunday, October 16, 3 p.m., Harley Duvuv Stadium, Chevrere: US Chevrières Grandfresnoy (8, 1 point) – FC Porto Amiens (First 6 points)

Morgan Schumer
Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports
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