“The Book of Hine”, a major science fiction cycle by Ursula K. Le Guin, finally published in full

“The Book of Hine”, a major science fiction cycle by Ursula K.  Le Guin, finally published in full

“Finally” we can write… One of the concerns of science fiction publishing is the dispersion of major cycles, which are sometimes distributed among several publishers. Seeing them together is always a treat. That’s the case for this matter Easy book (Also known as Ecomin cycle or League of all worlds) It is undoubtedly one of the most prominent of its kind.

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In two large volumes, the pocket book presents all of Ursula K. Le Guin’s writings relating to the world of Hain, six novels and fifteen fine short stories. We have occasionally added new introductions from the author who herself introduces her project, the writing of which spanned thirty years with a significant break of a decade, between the first explosion in the 1960s and the second that took off in 1990.

Moving reflection

Haine is a world of very diversely evolved planets. After the fall of the Hainan civilization, they found themselves left alone. Then each of them believed that he was the guardian of humanity. Since then, the league, the Ekumen, has once again attempted to create a link between these scattered universes. All texts of Easy book It is more of a walk through these worlds than an epic with a beginning and an end. Le Guin frames and then allows himself each time to study a particular world which allows him to address the topics dear to him: gender problems with Left hand of nightenvironment with The name of the world is Junglepolitical thinking with The deprived.

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She accurately portrays the civilizations she addresses: we remember as we follow her that she was the daughter of a famous anthropologist and the granddaughter of an author close to Native Americans. But it can only be World building » Success becomes a poignant reflection through the richness of the writing and the ingenuity of Le Guin’s analysis. Left hand of nightundoubtedly the most famous novel of this cycle, proves this brilliantly through the description of the relationships between its two heroes and the lyrical description of the icy desert they cross.


Ursula K. le guin, easy book, It includes World of Rocannon, Planet of Exile, City of Illusions, Left Hand of Night, The Dispossessed, World Name: Forest, And about fifteen short stories, Le Livre de Poche, in two volumes, 1630 and 1180 pages, priced at €29.90 and €23.90.

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