Apple explains the disappearance of games in Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade offers over 200 games without ads or micro-transactions, for a monthly subscription at €4.99 per month. Although there are regular updates, the games are also leaving the service, but when that happens, what happens to the players?

Many games from the Apple Arcade catalog Will be leaving the service very soon. A new menu has appeared in the Arcade tab of the App Store app, announcing the highly anticipated disappearance of 15 titles. It’s standard practice on Xbox Game Pass, which is where games come and go. But for Apple Arcade, it is the first, and since a special menu has been created for it, there is no doubt that other games will be added.

The ball is in the developer’s court

The problem is that players will find themselves without their favorite games. What will happen after deleting these addresses? Will the games be available for download from the App Store, will you have to pay for them? And what about the synchronization of progress? Apple has provided some answers on its site Site web.

The manufacturer confirms that the games can leave Apple Arcade. But even after they’re gone, subscribers can still enjoy it “for at least two weeks”, under the same conditions. The device will display an alert that the game is no longer available when it is available.

When you leave an Apple Arcade game, the developer has the option to display it on the App Store. But beware, the title may be different from the one distributed in Apple Arcade, it may for example include advertisements, micro-transactions, or simply be paid. It is up to the developer to decide whether to allow players in Apple Arcade to sync their progress so they can pick up where they left off.

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according to Mac rumorsApple has signed exclusive contracts with publishers for 3 years and in some cases the manufacturer has decided not to renew them. The publishers then reclaim the rights to their games and can decide to deal with them as they see fit.

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