The ARS announces the detection of 7 cases in the Gironde

The ARS announces the detection of 7 cases in the Gironde

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) has announced 7 positive cases of West Nile virus in the Gironde since the end of July.

On this Wednesday, August 9, ARS noted ” Seven original human casesWest Nile virus in Gironde. It is ” the first“For New Aquitaine, because it is usually the regions around the Mediterranean, including Paca and Occitanie, that are exposed to this virus.

West Nile virus: the number of infections continues to rise in Gironde

With regard to the seven Girondins referred to by the Coalition, four are “CertainWhile the other three areWaiting for approvalThe first case was detected in this region in Bordeaux at the end of last July and the last contamination was detected on August 9. In the face of these contaminations in unusual areas, anxiety is growing. Thus, the ARS made some recommendations on how to protect itself from this virus and also indicated To the preventive measures that must be taken so that it does not take hold.

West Nile virus: what is it? com news

How do you protect yourself?

West Nile virus? Kisako? This virus is introduced by migratory birds from Africa. Skin transmission occurs after a bite from the Culex mosquito, a species belonging to the tiger mosquito family. According to the ARS, the virus is not transmitted from person to person, mosquito contamination does.Exclusively in contact with infected birdsIn 80% of cases, the infection is asymptomatic, but it can also cause a flu-like condition, rash, or neurological disorders. To avoid contact with it, the ARS recommends protecting yourself by wearing loose clothing, especially in the evening, because the Culex mosquito “It stings especially at sunset and at nightIn addition to a mosquito net andRepelled in the evening“They are called upon to protect themselves. It is also necessary to avoid themLet the water stagnate“.

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