Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Xbox Game Pass) will be playable before release | Xbox One

Team Ninja announced it at the Xbox & Bethesda Show in June, Wu Long: Fallen Dynasty It will be released next year on Xbox Game Pass. But we learned today that it will be available in beta by then.

An advertisement at Gamescom?

By evoking several characteristics of the game, the developers at Team Ninja confirmed the news. Yes, it will be possible to play the game in a beta version “in the near future”. Here are the features the developers shared this week:

  • character creator
  • Challenging gameplay✔
  • A new moral system
  • Chinese weapons and martial arts
  • Famous warlords of the Three Kingdoms
  • Chinese mythical creatures and monsters
  • Magic
  • Online multiplayer
  • Experience playing in the near future

It is not yet known when this beta version of the game will be available, but count on Xboxygen to keep you informed as usual.

Reminder, Wu Long: Fallen Dynasty Its theme is about the Three Kingdoms and will take place in AD 184, at the end of the Han Dynasty in China. As the country mired in chaos and destruction, the once prosperous imperial dynasty is on the verge of collapse.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action-adventure that follows the adventures of an unknown militiaman fighting for survival in a dark fantasy version of the late Han Dynasty, where demons torment the Three Kingdoms. The player faces dangerous creatures and enemy soldiers in a sword fight in a style inspired by Chinese martial arts. He will have to overcome the obstacles encountered along the way by awakening the force buried within him.

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