‘Suffering in vain’: a baby seal killed by a stubborn tourist

‘Suffering in vain’: a baby seal killed by a stubborn tourist

A baby seal is said to have died after being carried away by a woman who was advised by a wildlife organization to leave her alone.

“The seal pup was picked up and wrapped in a coat even though we had asked the caller to leave the seal pup alone for him to follow the next morning. As a result, the animal suffered needlessly,” Marine and Wildlife Rescue denounced on Facebook Sunday, the newspaper reported. The Sun on Monday.

On Friday, the woman in question reportedly noticed a baby seal alone on a Norfolk beach in eastern England. She allegedly did not know what to do, and asked the organization for help.

But despite advice to leave the animal to its own devices, the woman was then seen dragging the baby in a coat to put it in the back of the car, according to British media.

When the volunteer from seal charity Friends of Horsey Seals arrived the next morning, the baby was already dead from nervous shock, and he also tried to raise awareness on Facebook by knocking to keep his distance from wildlife.

“Please, no matter how tempted you are, do not take seals ashore! Harbor seals are very sensitive and could easily fall into shock like this and lose their lives!”

Under this post, many netizens said that they were shocked by this behavior.

Without mincing words, one commented: “Human stupidity is just amazing, I think the psychedelic skull got his self-image though.”

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