Astronomers say a record gamma burst could mean the creation of a new black hole

Astronomers say a record gamma burst could mean the creation of a new black hole

A gamma-ray burst of unprecedented intensity was detected at the beginning of October, releasing photons with an energy of 18 TeV. Perhaps it is the birthplace of the black hole according to astronomers.

Sunday, October 9, 2022. The Swift and Fermi telescope, two tech beasts, detect high-energy radiation. The Wind ship confirms its information, and the astronomers are official. We had so much to do, on this day in October, The most powerful gamma ray burst ever detected. A truly extraordinary cosmic explosion swept the Earth.

The most powerful gamma explosion ever recorded…

But what does an explosion of this intensity mean, then? Scientists call it GRB 221009A, this glow from gamma rays and X-rays comes to us from the depths of space. In fact, by passing through various observations and analyzes, astronomers have agreed that the center of ray emission is far 1.9 billion light-years from Earth. Specifically in the constellation Arrow. Brendan O’Connor, an astrophysicist, testified to AFP about it:

“A gamma-ray glow generally releases within seconds the same amount of energy that our Sun has produced or will produce in its lifetime – and this event is the brightest gamma-ray glow …»

Gamma ray bursts are considered events The most violent and the most luminous Universe. Still unknown (certainly for the better), it consists of gamma photons, the most energetic of the electromagnetic spectrum. Much more powerful than X-rays, they can cause cancer if humans are exposed to them at very high levels.

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No, unfortunately it will not give you gamma rays No superpowersFantastic 4 somehow settled with the physics laws of the scenario.

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… It is likely caused by hyper nova

This high-frequency phenomenon, usually very short, occurs whengiant starOnce completed, the supernova collapses in on itself under the weight of its own gravity. This then leads to two possibilities: the formation of a black hole or a neutron star. According to the researchers, the driving force for this was 18 TeV.

Given the strength of this wave, researchers therefore hypothesize the formation of a new black hole. In fact, according to astronomers, this long gamma-ray burst will come from a Hypernova ! A phenomenon so extraordinary that it only occurs once every 200 million years. Hypernova’s power is as strong as an explosionA few hundred supernovae. Never excessive.

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