Steamed, the unit temporarily controlled the fall of Babylon

Steamed, the unit temporarily controlled the fall of Babylon

This was inevitable: things were going from bad to worse for the fall of Babel losing more players and now reaching a sad stage.

Over time, the situation becomes more and more important for the last title he developed Platinum Games. It is even the most bitter failure of his publisher. Square EnixBeyond marvel avengers And Outriders. The latter has already arrived, on The last 30 days, they averaged 276 and 862 players each. fall of Babylononly collect 64.

Society is broken, player plunged into loneliness

And in the week that has just ended (i.e. May 2nd), fall of Babylon I scored a very sad result in steam. Couldn’t get past 78 players simultaneously. Worse, although it was for a very short time, the game went downhill, This Wednesday May 4thprevious record out of ten players Meeting with Only one participant.

A worrying situation that raises questions: What about the future of the game? Well, as she claimed TwitterThe development team has no intention of stopping there and will continue to provide more content for its title. She is about to finish the second season and will soon start working on the third season before dealing with the others. In short, the fall of Babylon must last, at least for a short time.

As a reminder, the title is also available on Sony consoles. For curiosity, the demo can be downloaded.

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