Berlinale 2023: Nicolas Philibert receives the Golden Bear award for the documentary film on Adamant [palmarès]

Berlinale 2023: Nicolas Philibert receives the Golden Bear award for the documentary film on Adamant [palmarès]

Philippe Jarrel won the Silver Bear as the best achievement for his family’s column, Le Grand Chariot.

The 73rd edition of the Berlinale has just delivered its verdict. After 10 days of competition, it finally became the French documentary on adamant to Nicholas Philibert who walks away with the coveted golden bear.

The film is dedicated to a day center that welcomes adults with mental disorders in the heart of the Quai de la Rapée, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. Nicolas Philibert is a famous documentary filmmaker, winner of several awards since his first feature film His master’s voice in 1978. He notably won the Prix Louis-Delluc in 2002 for To be and to havewhich followed pupils and teachers over the course of an academic year in a rural setting.

The chair of the 73rd Berlinale jury, Kristen Stewart, delivered a thoughtful speech at the time of the awards ceremony, praising the simplicity and humanity of the film: “People have been going in circles for years to clearly define what art is, who qualifies as an artist and what their values ​​are. (…) We seem to have seen it all with this movie.

Nicholas Philibert rushed onto the stage at the Palais Berlinale to greet the jury, saying (in English) “you are crazy ?before you sayProud and touching‘, indicating that on adamant dedicated toExpressive and vulnerable human subjects.The film was the only documentary submitted this year in competition.

The other winners are German Christian Petzold, who left with the Grand Jury Prize for his film a fireabout four young men caught in the agony of a forest fire, while the Portuguese João Canejo walked away with a jury award for his film Bad lifea family chronicle about several embittered poisoned women.

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Philippe Jarrel wins the Silver Bear for his best finish The big camper, a semi-autobiographical family chronicle of his three children, Louis, Esther, and Lena. The film was written by Father Jarel alongside Jean-Claude Carrier, who died two years ago.

Winners of the Berlinale 2023:

golden bear: on adamant Written by Nicolas Philibert (France)

Grand Jury Prize: a fire Written by Christian Petzold (Germany)

Jury Prize: Bad life Written by João Canego (Portugal)

Silver Bear Award for Best Achievement: The big camper Written by Philippe Jarel (France and Switzerland)

Silver Bear for Best Performance: Sofia Ortero 20,000 species of bees

Silver Bear for Best Supporting Performance: Thea Ehre for until the end of the night

Silver Bear for Best Screenplay: Angela Chanelc music

Silver Bear Award for Best Artistic Contribution: Helen Lowart disco boy

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