Jordan Polignan. Healthy space provides luxury

Jordan Polignan.  Healthy space provides luxury

With international experience and a Ph.D. in physiotherapy, Sonia Ablancourt has just joined the multidisciplinary team at the Comminges Health Center in Gourdan-Polignan and offers a world-class concept that combines techniques, nutritional tips, nutritional supplements and emotional-body care for a complete and individual solution to revitalize the body and re-launch the body’s self-regulation process. Normally. “I accompany people according to their problems by helping them find a balance in health while adopting natural methods and means in order to respect the body in order to improve their physiological and metabolic conditions,” she says.

During your visit, it all starts with a budget, an analysis of the body via a machine – a bioassay. Whether for stress, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, weight gain, anxiety or body reshaping, a specific and personalized program will be designed to guide you to the best solution for you, combining the best in terms of non-invasive methods and techniques. His motto is “prevention not cure”…

Added to this is skin care, photorejuvenation and rejuvenation using the latest generation of pulsed light.

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