First edition by Tiago Rodriguez, Festival Director

First edition by Tiago Rodriguez, Festival Director
Avignon 2023: The 2023 edition will be the first set by Thiago Rodriguez, director of the (c) Festival Avignon

stage. Portuguese playwright, director and actor Thiago Rodrigues He succeeded Olivier Py as director of Avignon Festival, whose 2023 edition is a self-proclaimed first. On the program this year, 44 performances including 33 creations. A language will now be honored each year, and English has been chosen for this first experiment. More than half of the shows were created by women and three-quarters were moved by creators who are yet to come to Avignon. The program gives pride of place to the big names in live performance but is also open to younger creators. From 5 to 25 July.

Avignon 2023 : In this year’s programme, 44 performances including 33 creations

Avignon 2023
Avignon 2023: The city will be transformed into a huge theatre

Julie Delicidirector of the National Dramatic Center of Saint-Denis, will be one of the very few women to be welcomed to the Cour d’Honneur where she will open the Avignon Festival with Care, adapted from a documentary by Frederick Wiseman. You will reveal the stories of 15 heroes daily A picture of the imbalance in our society..

Also open Bento Dembelechoreographer and main hip-hop artist in France, will present his works groove at the Avignon Opera

Carrière de Boulbon will open again with Philip Coison which is a “futuristic epic” Inspired by fairy tales Garden of Delightspainting by Hieronymus Bosch.

It is also programmed in the heart of nature common landscapes He performed 7 pieces for 7 hours of performances under the trees, including breaks Clara Hedwin will submit This remains my joyas a 6h30 walk and break with Giono in Bogotá, near Avignon.

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In another 5-hour river show, Julian Jocelyn suggest extinction Following Thomas Bernhard and Arthur Schnitzler where he connects his own company with representatives of the legendary Berlin Volksbaun.

Also in the programme, Gwenelle Morin with the dream After William Shakespeare and Pauline Bale to Write his life Based on a re-reading of Virginia Woolf’s works. Milo Rao Locate it Antigone in the Amazon In Greece and Brazil with a very international ensemble rotation of videos and live series.

Alexander Zeldin will submit Confessionsin English with French subtitles, which is based on hours of conversation with his mother.

Dancing, as always, is in the spotlight with Walking songs to Anna Teresa de Keersmeeker, Where you will meet Blues and Mathilde Mounir to black lights It is based on the H24 TV series.

Dancing is also found in the Cour d’honneur with Romeo a “Ode to freedom” Written by North American Tragal Harrell, the inspired, urban ballroom dance invites performers of all origins, genders, generations, temperaments and moods”.

Three evenings of music with Printemps de Bourges are planned and tributes to Neil Young by La Maison Tellier, Lou reed by Silly Boy Blue and David Bowie by Léonie Pernet announced.

Resumption By heartat the conclusion of the festival, was to be the only performance of the Thiago Rodrigues Himself. Primarily for economic reasons To the point of the impossible, another of his creations, which was chosen. will replace immigrants by Krystizn Lupa, a show canceled in the wake of the Comédie de Genève’s cancellation, which raised flaws in the creator’s behavior with his cast members.

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  • Avignon Festival, 77th edition from July 5 to 25. more information here.Tel. 04 90 14 14 14 from Wednesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 7 pm. Shop at Place de l’Horloge from June 24, Tuesday through Saturday, from 11am to 7pm.

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