CSS Beauce-Etchmin: Maintaining services during eclipse

CSS Beauce-Etchmin: Maintaining services during eclipse

Education. The Center School Service Beauce-Etchmin (CSSBE) informs parents and adult students that its schools and centers will remain open on April 8, the day of the solar eclipse.

On this occasion, ISO 12312-2 certified sunglasses will be distributed to all students and faculty members. Between now and the event, information and awareness activities will be planned at the school, especially to remind people of the importance of wearing glasses during the eclipse.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to teach science in a concrete context, which is consistent with our educational mission,” says Fabien Giguere, Director General of CSSBE.

Since the eclipse will occur after school, special measures will be taken. Elementary school hours will be extended until 4:30 p.m. to allow students to experience this unique event. Exceptionally, school transportation will not be provided at the end of the day. Schools will send parents all details regarding programming and childcare services.

There are no planned changes to the timetable for secondary school students, vocational training and adult education. School transportation will be provided as usual.

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