Spotify unveils new features for users and artists

Spotify unveils new features for users and artists

In order to create lasting connections between creators and listeners, audio streaming platform Spotify has unveiled a revamped interface with new visuals and interactive design.

This new Spotify app will be gradually unveiled to over 500 million active users.

Spotify users will be able to use Smart Shuffle, in particular, to get personalized recommendations on created playlists. The Search tab will focus more on discovery and interaction to provide a video overview of recommended audio content based on their listening. For podcasts, Spotify will allow them to be played automatically: another episode matching the user’s tastes will automatically air at the end of the podcast.

Spotify has over 10 million content creators on our platform

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The platform has also offered a range of tools for content creators to grow their audience. In the Campaigns section of Spotify for Artists, they will find for example Marquee, a sponsorship recommendation displayed in full screen during a new release. It is intended to reach listeners who have shown a particular interest in the artist’s music.

Also to help artists grow, Spotify will launch new features for concert and merchandise discovery. Spotify has also unveiled new features that allow more artists to generate buzz among fans, such as Spotify Clips, which allows 30-second video clips to be added to their artist profile as well as their album pages.

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New to podcasts

In addition to the new features, Spotify has unveiled a new version of its platform for podcasting platforms. It now brings together all of Spotify’s podcast creators in one place, allowing them to create, grow, and monetize their podcasts.

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Still on the topic of podcasting, Spotify is partnering with crowdfunding site Patreon to allow creators to broadcast their sponsored content on Spotify and grow their creative businesses through direct fan payments.

Spotify has over 10 million content creators on our platform with over half a billion users in 184 countries and markets. It doesn’t matter where you are on your creative journey within music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Spotify can reach half a billion people. And this extension is about To become more powerful with what we have provided” Daniel EckCEO of Spotify.

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