An air bridge to support Ukraine?

Canada should establish an air bridge to Ukraine in order to support the country as much as possible in defending itself against the 20-day-old Russian invasion.

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According to Charles Philip David, founder of the Raoul-Dandurand Chair for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies at the US State University of Kuala Lumpur, Canada “lacks creativity” to support the country of Volodymyr Zelensky, which nonetheless is multiplying calls for help from its allies.

The Ukrainian president also addressed the House of Commons on Tuesday morning to request support “that will help us win, save lives and save the world. We urge you to support us even more, to support our efforts.”

“I think the idea of ​​an airlift to Kyiv would be a good idea, even if the answer is yes, there is always risk, always risk,” explains Mr. David in an interview with 100% News.

The idea is not new, in 1948, Harry Truman, the US president, decided to create an air bridge to help the residents of West Berlin.

“Berlin was completely deprived of access to road, air and rail transport to be able to survive, live and get her goods.”

The airlift would have made this difference, and this option should be considered for the catastrophic situation unfolding in Ukraine.

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If creating an airlift and sending Canadian planes is risky, then the expert wonders which is more dangerous: to support Ukraine in this way, or to see Ukraine fall into the hands of the Russians?

“If we do nothing now, and in a complete tragedy Ukraine is passing into the hands of the Russians … Will Putin stop there? Can we really feel reassured and safe? I doubt it very much. If we do nothing now, I think we will face other situations , like Modalvie, the Baltic states that are at the forefront of insecurity in Eastern European countries. ‘This is a huge problem,’ Charles Philip David explains.

“I think we are at a crossroads,” concludes the expert.

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