SongPop Party: My New Favorite Music Contest?

When I saw the title of SongPop Party, I thought to myself, “SongPop seems to mean something to me.” I remembered that it was the name of the very popular mobile game where you had to guess the song in 2012. Now, 10 years later, there is a new formula available to us.

A Nintendo Switch version of the game has been made available for this review.


SongPop . Party It is a musical quiz prepared for the whole family and its principle is very simple: a song is played and the participants must select the correct answer as quickly as possible from four choices. Points are awarded based on speed… if the answer is correct!

The game, available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Apple Arcade, allows you to use different consoles for engagement, but also on your phone. Like many party games of this type, we just have to enter the room number in our browser to join the game.

SongPop Party comes with a large list of categories most of which should be unlocked. Several avatars can be unlocked as well.

Two situations present themselves to us. Basically, there is a local and online mode. Local mode also allows you to broadcast from your console and people at home will have to follow our screen, plus of course other people with us on the couch. Up to eight people can challenge each other. We make sure no one is left behind!

The internet situation connects us to strangers on the internet who have chosen the same category as us. The process is very fast and even in the obscure categories, I did not wait more than a minute before we started the game.

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This simplicity is the great strength of this game. No useless chatter As in a test I tested recently, the songs just follow each other. Fast pace increases our fun!

The wide range of categories add variety to the game, that way you won’t get stuck in the same musical genre unless you redefine it.

You can enjoy the game for a very long time without having to unlock anything, but the locked playback tracks provide a good reason to keep playing.

See, I usually take a lot of room to expand on my reviews, but this game is so simple that I’ve already come to the end of my impressions: It was really fun!

Its biggest weakness (and the only one) is the use of the phone as a controller when we are asked to move our finger towards the correct answer.

Everyone who has tested it this way – myself included – sometimes had trouble answering questions quickly. The inaccuracy of the moment means that the answers are not recorded.

Also, for a game of speed that is calculated in tenths of a second, doing this move instead of just pressing a button penalizes players with phones.

So I suggest that all players use the same switch mode to play otherwise controllers will be preferred.

Other than that, you might think we’d get tired of this simple game quickly, but I played nearly two hours straight with the staff at Café Hookah Lounge that day!

SongPop . Party is a simple, unified and intuitive game that lets everyone – including non-players – have fun!

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