‘I had to atomize her before her offspring’

‘I had to atomize her before her offspring’

Lots of film projects, her first series “Poor Miskina”, a futuristic return to the stage… Since her childhood in Gennevilliers, this former player in comedy by Diam’s has acquired the art of self-mockery. But not that lazy.

Between Bridget Jones and Calimero, an existential quest and pathos full of self-irony, Melha Bedia strips every admission of a joke. Actress and screenwriter, supporting role in Pattaya (2016) and simply black (2020) The main reason to watch strong (2020), the bullets hidden behind it “Humour Shield” : “A defense mechanism I developed in elementary school to avoid eating my snack on my own,” Says.

Melha Bedia couldn’t find a better way to avoid being “poor”, the one we laugh at as much as we complain, and which she embodies in her first series. poor, poor, on Prime Video. The daughter of Algerian immigrants looks a lot like this thirty-year-old” [s] His mom thinks it’s a biographical movie [leur] family.”

Melha’s track has it all in a scenario where misfortune and laughter mix. With the absence of the father from the family picture, as in the series, her mother and grandparents raised her in the town of Louth, in Gennevilliers. My grandmother was very religious but she was downright funny. Mom is so personal that in five minutes she can persuade you to take her with you on vacation, She trusts. We had a hard time communicating, so we used humor. »

To make sure that she would be a good student, her family enrolled her in a private Catholic school… which only increased her desire to make people laugh. “We were two Arabs, two Portuguese – my guardian’s sons – and a black man – he was a missionary, and that was good for him. I was overweight and short-sighted. I didn’t put her in boxes. I had to winnow her before her offspring,” She remembers.

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My brother Ramsey became famous, and Kim Kardashian became Genvilliers! »

Her situation changes abruptly when her older brother Ramzi, who is nearly twenty years her senior, becomes a star on the French comedy scene with his friend Eric Godor. “For us, the show business was Jean-Pierre Foucault and Claire Chazal. Then Ramzi became famous, and Kim Kardashian became Genvilliers!” She’s kidding.

The laughter was already captured, so she chose football. His first dodge dates back to CM1, to please a fellow – “I called my friends and asked them to teach me how to play like a man She trains every night – “until they call you from the window” -, And she gets so involved in the game that, in college, she ends up in the Paris Saint-Germain youth team. Her career is about to begin, an American training center is interested in her … but her mother puts her back on the bench – “She wouldn’t let me go to Châtelet alone, so America…”

“Rammy was putting a blaster in my wheels, and Dim put me in the stirrup.”

So it will be high school, letters with a theater option – “But just to spend time with my friends.”. In any case, her brother does not see a good eye that follows in his footsteps. It would take the intervention of a famous friend of his, Dem, for an urgent dare to start. The rapper gets used to the family’s Sunday couscous, and suggests he take a break after bac and accompany him on a tour of managing his wardrobe. One evening, in Angers, she suggested that he perform the first part of her concert – ” Where My jokes made the technicians in the canteen laugh.” Then, when the star retired from cultural and public life, she left him 40 thousand euros in a bank account and the number of his agent. “My Ramsey wanted me to prepare, I wanted to ride a turbobus. He put a rod in my wheels, Dim put my foot in the stirrups,” Summarized urgently Pedia.

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It remains to have the courage to take up his new career. “She’s funny all the time, that’s her nature, but she was afraid to go on stage, Remembers Emily Kendennis, the producer of her show Fat and angry. She had fits of anxiety before performances, fits of coughing, she was going to vomit…” He is adapted to the audience thanks to a daily written work that allows him to justify this terrifying confrontation.

Ramsey comes to his show – “I turned my back on the stage to see if I had the right comedic timing.” Late recognition of his older brother makes him not afraid anymore “Make him feel ashamed, tell him I only want to be known like him”, Rejoice urgently Bidya. This tension between the ego in the sock and the pride of putting the audience in the pocket, the certainty of its being Poor thing, and confidence in his ability to make people laugh is the foundation of all his sense of humor.

“When you are binational, you are bipolar.”

You talk about her like a “Repossession Through Laughter”, which also relate to his Islamic and French-Algerian identity. His series takes place between Hauts-de-Seine, Oran, where his mother belongs, and the Kabylie region to which his father belongs. “In France I say I am Algerian, and in Algeria I say I am French. When you are binational, you are bipolar”, She explains with the same combination of seriousness and second degree. “When we met, she made me laugh a lot, but I saw that there was something other than comedy in her story, Remembers Xavier Laquile, who co-wrote it poor with her. Laughing miserable lair. So when she makes a big joke, I let it pass and come back to it later so we can get some dramatic material out of it. »

His next role in the movie Lawyer, by Camille Fontaine (by accident), It would be less comical. She is also working on the script for a feature film with Baya Kassemi and Michelle Leclerc (Names of people). Then, if all goes well, she will return to the stage, despite her stomachache, to hear the audience laugh again. “Some collect artwork. I like to collect laughs. If I make someone laugh, I feel like they love me. If he doesn’t laugh, he hates me.”

q poor, poor, Season 1, comedy-drama by Melha Bedia, Yoann Gromb and Xavier Lacaille, France, 8 x 30 min. on Prime Video.

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