Twitter is opening its certification program for businesses into early access

Twitter opens its certification program to organizations. Other developments have also been announced.

Twitter Accepting registrations now for those who want to be among the first to arrive Corporate Certificate. The program was previously known as Blue for Business, the platform states in its press release, with a link to the registration form.

Twitter opens its certification program to organizations

Organizations will be asked to provide their names and usernames Twitter In addition to their websites to join the waiting list. They should also indicate their size and the expected number of affiliate accounts. If you remember, Elon Musk announced some time ago that the site would be rolling out a feature that would allow organizations to officially identify which accounts they’re associated with.

His announcement follows the botched launch, to say the least, of a paid testimonial system, which resulted in the sudden and massive appearance of troll accounts impersonating companies, celebrities, and other personalities. This new feature should solve this problem and ensure that users who claim to be part of a particular organization are who they say they are.

Elon Musk It was also announced at the time that the site would offer hashtags in different colors: gold for businesses, gray for governments and blue for individuals. This will make it more difficult for the average user to impersonate a government agency or any company. Twitter eventually made the decision to halt the initial rollout of Blue due to the prevalence of scammers before relaunching it in December for $11 per month.

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Other developments have also been announced

According to Elon Musk, Twitter will publish its “tweet recommendation code” and make tweet and account statuses visible “no later than next month.” This could mean that users will know if they are shadow-blocked and their tweets are not visible to others. “Transparency breeds trust,” the billionaire added. Additionally, it announced that the site will be moving the bookmark button to a tweet’s detail page and that the automatic image cropping feature will be fixed next week.

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