Shredder’s revenge, as good as pizza without anchovies

It’s hard to ignore the much-anticipated release, on June 16, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge by Tribute Games. The independent Quebec studio was able to get the commission to produce a work of the famous Turtle Adventures which was already an achievement in itself. But Tribute has risen to the challenge with flying colors, and the highly anticipated game has been a commercial and critical success and is well on its way to becoming a blockbuster item.

However, the road was full of pitfalls. prepare beat them Reminiscent of the arcade’s glory era, the classic is a challenging undertaking, and while nostalgia can forgive some flaws, it does have its limitations. Arcade games are traditionally designed to become significantly more difficult to bring the player towards the screen keep working? We ask him for more icons to continue.

Seeing the end of the game was an end in itself, and besides getting a better score, there was no possibility of replaying it. This legacy of arcade games, Tribute has simply developed it by incorporating evasive strategies into the available maneuvers that elegantly complement the more traditional controls. the mood a story It allows you to explore the 16 levels in a more relaxing way, allowing you to leave and come back later, and even change heroes halfway through, and start again on the level of your choice if your misfortune perishes at the end of the mission. For fans of the ruthless style of the corridors of the past, the Passage It still allows you to get the traditional experience without compromising.

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So, around these significant improvements, Tribute has been able to build a sleek, smooth and refined game. Visual aesthetic and musical direction retrieval Turtles in time, while meeting the rigorous visual standards of our time. We’ve allowed ourselves some fouls in musical composition, from classic video game music to ’80s hip-hop to slightly down-and-coming rock, to complement the narrative thread if necessary. The references hidden throughout the game will appeal to anime and comic book fans alike. The action is fast and smooth yet smooth, providing a satisfying combat experience rich in variety.

The icing on the cake is that you can play simultaneously with 6 players. The game allows you to embody the four turtles, Chief Splinter and the daring April O’Neil.

Many fans have asked to see other classic characters from the franchise included in the starting line. From what we can read about the game’s release, Tribute has no plans to offer additional content for purchase such as DLC. However, the the turtle Which has been raging since June 16 may change plans. Cowabunga!

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Developer: greeting games

Publishers: Limited Running Games, Dotemu, Gamera Games

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Linux (Tested on Windows/Steam)

The game is available in French (interface and translation)

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