Saint-Gaudens. Educate high school students during the day against AIDS

Thursday, as part of the World AIDS Day organized on December 1, all Bagatelle High School students were able to benefit from several awareness workshops.

“We realized that students have a lot of prejudices and misconceptions about this disease but in general about STIs and STDs (infections and sexual diseases), emphasized Sophie Lopez, Professor of ST2S Sector and one of the instigators of the project.

The project, still inaccurate, was accepted and validated by Mr. Bradens, the headmaster. “It is our duty to educate, and I immediately prefer this kind of project. I have a policy of opening the school to the world around us and of course we should talk about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases,” said Mr. Bradens.

So December 1 was logically set and the project was able to develop. “We have incorporated into the creation of this day the local association Accept (which supports LGBT communities, does prevention and welcomes those in need, sometimes denied by their families) from the start,” said Sophie Lopez.

More than just an awareness-raising day, sometimes monotonous, it was the idea of ​​a small group of educators to make this event more fun. “We’ve done many workshops, detailed Ms. Lopez. There’s a booth here in the auditorium, run by the association, and many workshops. She participates in communication about this day with the other students.”

The result is more than satisfactory. Class hours are standardized, at different intervals of seconds, first and last, and despite the lack of commitment, the vast majority of students respond present.

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“This concerns us all.”

“It matters to all of us. It’s important to talk about it,” said Sandy, a sophomore. “We participate in workshops, it’s more interesting,” his companion Lu added. Sophie Lopez concluded, “This day is a first for the Foundation and we obviously hope to sustain it. We are delighted with the progress and support at this time.”

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