Sable sur Sarthe. The former teacher recounts 40 years of fighting Lyme disease

Sable sur Sarthe.  The former teacher recounts 40 years of fighting Lyme disease

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Marie Felix has released a book that traces the roadblocks she faced in dealing with Lyme disease. © Thomas Cherbonnel / News from Sable

for 40 years, Mary Felix (Author’s name) lives with a disease Lime. who taught for several years at Colbert High School (Now high school Rafael Elise), to Sable sur SartheShe lived until 2017, without knowing what disease she was suffering from.

She recounts her years of suffering in a book entitled: SHe knew the patients, if the doctors could.

Marie Felix was 20 when she contracted Lyme disease. A tick bite during a walk in the woods will lead to this descent into hell.

My parents are both doctors. They have turned into forests. They should have known two causes before anyone else, the causes of Lyme disease in the 1980s, but after all, the knowledge was very rudimentary.

Mary Felix

The first symptoms

Contrary to the usual symptoms, I did not experience any joint pain or fever. As for the third “pillar” of the disease, erythema migrans appeared only in 2017, when Lyme disease was diagnosed.

The latter is a skin lesion that appears upon a bite. “One of my acquaintances confirmed to me that I was indeed infected, but at that time no one cared.”

“50% of people with Lyme disease don’t develop or see erythema migrans. It’s not necessarily something startling,” explains Marie Felix.

I lost my hair when I was 23.

The first symptoms begin to appear after a few months tick bite;. “The peculiarity is that I began to complain of sciatica.”

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She also suffers from ankylosing spondylitis. “I had a hard time sitting still. This hindered me a bit in my studies.”

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Over the years, the symptoms have become more significant. Then you start consulting doctors. But “no one believes me.” I lost my hair at 23I was almost bald. I was told it was a psychosomatic condition. »

You receive the treatments that are offered to people who suffer from depression.

Neurological disorders

But the pain intensifies, and neurological disorders appear. She suffers from severe tinnitus, and an eye problem (with a narrow field of vision).

Dizziness even prevented him from standing up. Despite everything, this science teacher is still practicing her craft.

“During intercourse I lie on the stage. I have spent part of my life staring at the ceiling.”

“Some windows of luxury”

Through all these years of suffering, Mary still didn’t know what she was going through. “15 years ago, my dad said to me, Still not Lyme?”

The person, who had lived in Poillé-sur-Vègre for two years, had two tests, and they were negative. “If I had known what I really had, I wouldn’t have been so shocked,” Mary says.

Despite the disease “there were some windows to well-being. Mary had three children in particular.

In 2017, Mary’s new GP prescribed a third test. This time, it came back positive and the diagnosis was confirmed during a second test. “40% of tests are false negatives, and the tests are unreliable,” Marie felt scandalized.

The latter is not excused by the consequence. “I knew I would be in the third stage of the disease (the most advanced stage). This is the lesion stage.”

obstacle course

Then the obstacle course begins for Mary. Today she is even better thanks to an alternative treatment: “Traditional medicine and non-Western herbalism. »

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Today, Marie-Félix, retired, divides her time between her home in the Paris region and the family home in Ombre d’Anjou.

Through her book, she wants to give hope.

On Friday, September 8th, at 6pm, she will go to the Thaward Bookshop in Le Mans for a presentation of her book followed by a discussion. And the next day, Saturday 9 September, she will be in Sablé-sur-Sarthe where an autograph session is scheduled, at the Ancre des Mots bookstore at 2:30pm.

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