Rugby – World Cup 2023: Portuguese prodigy Lionel Cambridge

Rugby – World Cup 2023: Portuguese prodigy Lionel Cambridge

And here he is in National 2 at RC Bassin d’Arcachon to be able to claim at the age of 35, to compete in the 2023 edition in France with Portugal, a Béarnais educated in Monein, Oloron before joining the Paloise division in 2004 thanks to the persuasion power of Joël Rey . Camberg then sailed between Pro D2 and Fédérale 1 in Colomiers, Périgueux, Maçon and thus Cognac/Saint-Jean d’Angély.

“Proof that anything is possible”

With a middle, arches sealed in world rugby. Far from the best young French teams – “the best thing is to be in a 40-man group with France U18s” – he was already approached in 2009 by international David Peñalva, Lusitano in Pro D2 (Blagnac, Auch) to represent Portugal, his mother’s home country, and to get a taste of international rugby.

“The France team I didn’t think of. Nor did I think of the fact that I could claim to represent Portugal. But I was touched by enthusiasm and enthusiasm. I thought of my grandparents who take care of me one or two days a week in Mourinx, who spoke to me in Portuguese to my mother. I didn’t hesitate long.”

After fourteen years, the sporting and linguistic adventure could end with the World Cup. Lionel Camberg smiles: “It is the essence of sport: proof that anything is possible.”

It’s no less crazy: Portugal clinched their place at the big table by winning Friday’s Qualifying Tournament in Dubai thanks to an equalizer against the United States with a penalty from Samuel Marquez after the 80th minute. There, at the limit, he was calm when he saw the former half of Pau getting close. “I was sure he would wear it. He played for the biggest club in France (Toulouse), and this punishment was easy for him. When he started, I knew we were going through.”

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Under a professional contract with RCBA but also an independent seller in wines and spirits, Lionel Cambridge can craft his finest Champagne.

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

‘I wanted to quit rugby’

Because a few months ago everything seemed to be over: Portugal finished fourth in the European Zone qualifiers. For bitches it seemed like a final stop: “I wanted to stop rugby. I had several surgeries: thumb and biceps tendon and during the last qualifying matches I injured myself against Georgia. I thought it was a shock, I wanted to play the next match against Romania: I stopped For 25 minutes, in fact, I had three torn hamstrings on one shoulder. We couldn’t qualify anymore, it was a smokescreen.”

Only Spain’s elimination after playing an ineligible player put the Lobos back in the race. “I had surgery, did rehab to get back on track. Well done for holding on” to this dream tournament.

Portugal is now in the group of Australia, Wales, Fiji and Georgia. Determined to take on “that last challenge,” the Bitch, the National 2 player, who qualified on Friday, returned to France on Saturday and was already in training on Monday morning with RC Bassin d’Archachon. In this whirlwind, he thinks of his struggling club. Like the need to quickly return to Earth so as not to get lost. “I hope I will be taken, I will do everything for. It makes you want. It will be very hard, and we have to hang on. But when there are stronger men in front, it gives me ten times more desire to go and oppose.

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