Rugby Sevens: Belsevens eliminates Portugal and plays Great Britain in the European Games semi-finals

Rugby Sevens: Belsevens eliminates Portugal and plays Great Britain in the European Games semi-finals

Fantastic four rounds four trials, synonymous with qualifying for the semi-finals of the European Games. Accurate, tough, and perfectly mounted on their support, the BelSevens always had the right movement against Portugal players in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Double the Promised Land in each period via Cécile Blondieu, Noemy van de Poel (twice) and Nellie Bean in the close, to clear a spot in the Final Four (22-5). The Portuguese’s last attempt a minute before the end did not change the story that had been going on since the start of the match.

Still calm on the sidelines, BelSevens head coach Emile Vermot called on the players, during the game break, to remain calm, and to continue playing rugby against an opponent who could find no solution to stop the rally. ahead of the Belgians. Captain Margo Lally agreed with the coach. “We had a great game by finding all our directions so the tenacity was at the top. Now, it will be a matter of recovering well before challenging the Brits against whom it will be necessary to go big, but the pressure will be on their shoulders as they are the favorites in the tournament.

Great teamwork with a game plan that respects literally. This Tuesday, Belgium will face Great Britain in the competition’s semi-finals at 12:50pm.

No miracle for the men’s team against the Greens.

Based on its success in the last pool match against the Czech Republic, the men’s team won a ticket to the quarter-finals (40-7). But standing in their way was a giant statue dressed in green: Ireland. Battalion scored 109 points in three group games. So Belgium was doomed to exploitation. Given a seven-point lead at half-time (14-7, in Ireland’s favour), anything was possible, but Nathan Bontemps’ yellow pawned the Belgian’s chances. Having said that, Jens Torfs’ side would prove to the end that they would have a place in the quarter-finals had it not been for the unfortunate setback against Georgia in the group stage.

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