Portugal can achieve the double perfectly with “Jardim”

Portugal can achieve the double perfectly with “Jardim”

Who is this ? Claudia Pascual, 23, has participated in several telecrochets games, including Portuguese versions of New star And the sound. She was a finalist in the last show in 2017. If she were the singer of the group Morhua, she would represent Portugal alone, at home, on the Eurovision stage. Or roughly: the author of her song Oh Jardim, Isaura, will be nearby to provide backing vocals. In the lyrics, the singer addresses her deceased grandmother.

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The chorus of his song Oh Jardim : “Now that you are gone, I make all the flowers my refuge. I will take care of your garden.”

Portugal, the organizing country, automatically qualifies for the final Eurovision, broadcast on May 12 on France 2.

Fan says: “I was moved even if I didn't understand the words. That's the beauty of music.” (YouTube comment)

The hater says: “Buri.” (YouTube comment)

20 minutes He says: Portugal won Eurovision for the first time last year. Since the competition was established in 1956, only three countries have won in two consecutive years (Spain in 1968 and 1969, Luxembourg in 1971 and 1972, Israel in 1978 and 1979), while Ireland achieved three victories in 1992, 1993 and 1994. For Portugal to join the very exclusive club of nations that have achieved the double would be by no means shameful Oh Jardim He shines with his simplicity, humility, and the passion he manages to convey beyond the language barrier. However, we imagine Claudia Pascual ranked very well on the final list.

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