I Adopt a River: High school students learn about the science of water

I Adopt a River: High school students learn about the science of water

Education. Over the past few weeks, 300 local high school students have been introduced to water science through the program I embrace the current It was developed by the Water Education and Environmental Monitoring Group (G3E) and coordinated by the Yamasca Watershed Organization (OBV).

Accompanied by biologist Annie LaRose and bioecology technician Emmanuelle Ouellet, students from Joseph-Hermas Leclerc (Granby), Massy-Vanière (Coansville), Jean-Jacques Bertrand (Farnham), Saint-Joseph (Saint-Hyacinthe) and Ludesse (Valcourt) recently arrived at the edge of a local waterway to describe the site under study. In addition to conducting physical and chemical analyzes and taking samples of large invertebrates.

I embrace the currentIt’s simply a magical tutorial. When students see all the small organisms in their stream (benthic invertebrates, such as insect larvae, beetles, etc.), they realize that there is a lot of life in this environment. Then, the activity allows them to understand that this life is very dependent on water quality,” said Caroline LaRose Cotet, education and mobilization projects officer at OBV Yamaska.

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