Speculation of Chinese space aircraft

Speculation of Chinese space aircraft

The Chinese government’s news service spoke about it briefly on May 8, upon its return, as a “reusable” device, which requires at least a heat shield – to protect the device during its return to the atmosphere. So far, only Boeing and SpaceX, as well as NASA, have recovered and reused hardware sent into orbit.

We also know that this is the second mission of this device, which is called Chongfu Shiyong Shiyan Hangtian Qi, which simply means “reusable experimental device”. The first mission, in September 2020, only took two days.

Although no photo of this machine has been circulated, Engineers interviewed lean towards similar device to Boeing’s uncrewed “space plane,” the X-37B, which lands on a runway like an airplane. When its existence was revealed in 2010, its potential military applications led to much speculation. speculation It’s still going.

As revealed by the Chinese government on its launch, in August 2022, powered by a Long March 2F rocket – the same rocket used for the astronauts – assumed a weight of 5 to 8 tons – much smaller than the US space shuttles, but in phase with the X-37B. The craft will also be large enough Go get pregnant private satellites in orbit. In fact, those who tracked him down mentioned Several maneuvers During the nine months in orbit, the process that could be launching and capturing an object, perhaps to simulate the capture of a satellite.

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