Portugal, a dream destination for bitcoin addicts

They are five: father, Didi Taihutu, mother and their three teenage daughters. They are called the “Bitcoin Family”. US site CNBC I met this atypical American family, who settled in Holland before leaving everything in 2017. That year, Taihuttu sold their big house and left to live on their cryptocurrency savings by traveling the world. They visit 40 countries before settling in Portugal, “The ultimate tax haven for cryptocurrency holders”.

In 2017, the value of Bitcoin reached $900. Today it is valued at 41,000. So Taihuttu is sitting on a small gold mine and intends to take advantage of the lack of taxes on these transactions in Portugal. The state does not impose taxes on capital gains or on transactions from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, and neither does the state value added tax Absolutely provided that you do not sell services from Portugal in cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is easy to obtain permanent residence. European passport holders don’t even need it. “Portugal is a very beautiful paradise for bitcoin” Didi Taihutu, who keeps the family fortune in secret vaults on four different continents…

Soon, other members of their family will join Taihuttu. In fact, they are far from the only ones choosing this destination. The last Portuguese population census, which dates back to 2021, shows that the number of foreign residents in the country has increased by 40% in ten years.

Wout Deley has also sold his home in Belgium to settle in the Algarve. For him, it was self-evident. highlighted CNBCAnd the Which suggests that Belgium imposes heavy taxes on cryptocurrencies, and that Daily should have donated up to 40% of its profits to the state. He is convinced:

Want to double your profits? Just go to Portugal.”

Although he doesn’t speak Portuguese, Delle feels like he’s in heaven in the Algarve and appreciates the growing presence of cryptic expats like himself, allowing him to build a community and be able to work in English. Portugal, eager to attract more digital nomads, will also be a total winner in this new immigration flow, which will offset the exodus of young, educated Portuguese people.

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next step ? Build a cipher village…by the Taihutu family!

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