Accident with his jeep: A Canadian man survives falling from a cliff in Hawaii

Accident with his jeep: A Canadian man survives falling from a cliff in Hawaii

A 27-year-old Canadian tourist's life was turned upside down as was his Jeep when he fell off a cliff in his rental car while staying in Hawaii on Sunday.

The incident occurred about a mile from a dive site at South Point, CNN affiliate KITV 4 Island News reported.

It was local fishermen – accustomed to this cliff – who found the tourist who dived towards the shore at around 3:30 am after turning onto a dirt road. Someone filmed the car involved in the accident and shared the video in an Instagram post.

He added: “The driver's side was blocked by a rock and he could not get out. “The car had apparently flipped onto its roof so that it was upside down and hanging above the water on the passenger side,” fisherman Mike Moody told the media.

The Canadian was transported by sea for a distance of about one hundred meters before being returned to shore. He suffered hypothermia and was taken to hospital for treatment.

“He just opened the door and the kid said he fell straight into the water,” Mr Moody said.

This path is known to the island's fishermen, who describe it as “extremely dangerous on the island side.” “If you don't know what you're doing, you could get yourself into big trouble.”

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