OPPO Find X7 Pro is expected to launch with a curved display and alert bar

OPPO Find X7 Pro is expected to launch with a curved display and alert bar

OnePlus OnePlus smartphones They are often accused of becoming more and more like their OPPO counterparts : The former actually has OPPO as its parent company, and it seems to have come close to the latterThe former actually has the latter as a parent company, and increasingly appears to have one Guaranteed During the past years.

However, the situation also sometimes goes the other way, with the recent implication being that OPPO’s next flagship smartphone could be the first of its kind. ranges To be launched with A Alert slider. Find X7 Pro is clearly described as joining the Look for N3 And N3 Flip By switching devices in the latest leaked images.

This feature is clearly visible to the right of the huge phone, which could be the largest of all mobile phones.Huawei-Huawei back camera cover behind In his last alleged appearance on Weibo. In addition, the new hands-on image contains an Easter egg: an IMEI sticker that, although partially redacted, indicates the model number Model numberFrom the model.

Digital chat station Prompts confirmation that the new ID (PHY110) belongs to the model X7 Pro – and that X7 It is PHZ110 – based on new certifications for certificate In China. The famous leaker also indicates that the X7 Pro will be launched with the same fingerprint scanner as it predecessorThe X7 Pro will launch with the same fingerprint scanner as its predecessor, but will have the same display specifications as the X7 Pro OnePlus 12 That is, it will be a 6.82-inch curved screen with a resolution of 2K and a speed of 120 Hz.

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Contrary to 12However, the Find X7 series has not been officially announced or a launch date set yet.

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