Observing a solar eclipse: It's best to leave your dog and cat at home

Observing a solar eclipse: It's best to leave your dog and cat at home

Those who planned to enjoy Monday's solar eclipse with their dog, or perhaps their cat, should reconsider their plans, according to an ophthalmology veterinarian.

DrDr Amandine Bissonat, a clinical veterinarian in ophthalmology at the Laval Veterinary Centre, recommends leaving pets indoors for the duration of the event, even if there are no cases of post-exposure damage.

But this does not mean that the risks are non-existent, as Dr. specifiesDr Bisons, because the functioning of a dog's retina is similar to that of a human. Prolonged exposure to bright light will inevitably cause damage.

Dr. Amandine Bissonat, clinical ophthalmologist at the Laval Veterinary Center. Submitted on April 4, 2024

Photo courtesy of Amandine Bissonat

“You would then be justified in believing that there may be retinal lesions [chez les animaux] “After experiencing a solar eclipse,” she explains.

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Infections are difficult to detect

She adds that animals don't have the same visual needs as humans. Detecting an infestation can be difficult for the animal owner.

The vet continues: “The animal is in a familiar environment, so it has its own routine, and it does not need the same vision that we do, such as reading, writing and driving.”

Therefore, the trap to avoid is to believe that the animal has not suffered any harm after exposure to the solar eclipse because it does not show any signs of visual injury.

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“It will need more signs [qu’un humain] To prove vision loss, Dr. confirmsDr Bisons. We may miss certain things, because animals do not speak to one another [par exemple] That he has a black spot on [leur] Field of view.

Even if an animal has the same reaction as a human, which is to quickly look away if dazzled, she recommends leaving the puppy and cat inside for the duration of the eclipse.

If the animal is accustomed to sunbathing in front of a window where the sun shines, dDr Bissonat suggests blocking it with a curtain.

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