“Major” sanctions have now been imposed in Ukraine, the important thing is to implement them

“Major” sanctions have now been imposed in Ukraine, the important thing is to implement them

The United States believes it has now taken “major sanctions” against Russia and is focused on implementing them, particularly on fighting any attempt to “escape,” a top adviser to President Joe Biden asserted Thursday.

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National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said at a symposium.

“We will have announcements in the next two weeks outlining the goals that are trying to enable this escape both in Russia and abroad,” he said.

Jake Sullivan added, referring to the purchases of Russian hydrocarbons that Europeans have not yet made, which are feeding Moscow’s treasury.

As the National Security Adviser emphasized, about the wealth of the Russian oligarchs now frozen due to sanctions, for example their yachts or their financial assets: “Our goal is not to return them” to their owners at the end of the conflict.

“Our goal is to make better use of them,” he said, adding, “There are methods we already have, and perhaps we can develop others, and we are actively studying them.”

Some US parliamentarians have already called for the sale or liquidation of Russian assets affected by the sanctions, to fund post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

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