How do you protect your audio capital?

How do you protect your audio capital?

A loud sound causes some excitement, a certain pleasure. We tend to linger and end up voluntarily exposing ourselves to a very loud sound.”, notes Jean-Charles Cicato, teacher of audiology at the University of Montpellier. However, this exposure is very bad for our ears. In France, A quarter of adults have some form of hearing loss More or less serious, indicates an extensive epidemiological study conducted by Inserm.

Our behavior towards sound must evolve in order to protect our hearing. Many items can also allow us to test the proper functioning of our ears. “We can compare the level we set [le volume] Compared to a person who hears well, Jean-Charles Cecato suggests, “Apps are also available to test our hearing ability.

Aging causes hearing loss

With age, our ability to hear deteriorates. “There is presbyopia of the eye. In the case of the ear, we are talking about allergic rhinitisJean-Charles Cecato points out.Between the ages of 40 and 50, we begin to experience significant hearing loss“, the specialist continues, about hearing disorders associated with aging. However, he specifies that our genetic capital varies in different individuals.” But it is better to start from the principle that we have limited capital” in order to protect themselves more effectively.

The Fête de la Musique will take over the entire country on Wednesday, June 21st. On this occasion, residents will be exposed to a large amount of noise. For children, Jean-Charles Cecato advisesSystematic use of noise canceling headphones. “For adults, it may also be interesting to take a helmet,” says the audiology teacher. It is also important to determine the position in relation to the speakers, you should not get too close. “All it takes is a bad exposure, in the end, to prepare the ground for a hearing problem.– confirms the specialist.

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