OM- Tottenham (1-2): Marseille loses and takes the last place in its group in the Champions League

OM- Tottenham (1-2): Marseille loses and takes the last place in its group in the Champions League

Igor Theodor (Marseille training) on ​​the RMC Sport . microphone

“The last minute was confusing, there was a lot of noise and we couldn’t even hear each other. It’s going so fast, I can’t talk to the players. We equalized and then dominated again and ended up in control of the last 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t That’s enough.”

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur) in the channel + microphone

“I think there was a psychological battle in the first half. Marseille played a liberating role by not being afraid to lose and having everything to win. We had a lot to lose. But it was reversed in the second half and I think we showed a great character. We suffered because OM is a good team.” Extremely, it must be emphasized. They pushed in front of their large audience and that makes us more proud because, in difficulty, we knew how to do what was necessary.”

Clement Lenglet (Tottenham) on the RMC Sport

“This result is unexpected in the first half, but I think in the second half we were more victorious, more aggressive and sharp in our attacks. We were playing moderately in the first half for several games and getting up in the second half.

We work a lot on the specific stages in the training. There was a desire not to give up, we know that with a draw we qualified so I really wanted to help my team. We knew that if we managed to keep the ball and slip, we would create spaces.”


Jonathan Klaus (OM) in the channel + microphone

“We started the game being at the height of the action. That goal before the break rewarded all the efforts we put in but we knew the start of the game was starting at that moment. We started the second half poorly, we were less efficient in pressing and less aggressive. They had an easier time taking out The balls and we know that in set-pieces it’s very dangerous.After what irritates this last minute goal.We know we’re in third place no matter what and that we’re dealing with a counter at 1v3 it just isn’t possible.

There are matches when you can’t win, you have to know not to lose and this match will be painful. We wonder what else we need to look for to turn things in our favour. We have a lot of positions, and we have to succeed in turning that into a real opportunity.

it’s over !

OM ruined everything by losing in the last second with a goal by Pierre-Emile Hojberg! Igor Todor’s men are eliminated from all European competitions.

Nuno Tavares Strike (90)

The Portuguese puts himself on his right foot before making a hook and standing on his left foot. His attempt exceeds the goals of Pau Lopez.

Beans of Kabore (89)

OM cuts Harry Kane at the end of the line on the left wing.

Huge Opportunity for Oh Kolasinac!!! (87)

Genghis Under perfect cross from right to left. The ball is placed on the head of Kolasinac who stings his ball a lot! Igor Theodor can’t believe it!!

Corner for OM (No. 86)

It is played twice but the procedure is poorly negotiated. OM remains in control of the ball.

Change for OM (ranked 84)

Luis Suarez replaces Valentin Ronger.

Chance for Alexis Sanchez!! (ranked 83)

The Chilean managed to turn his back to the goal in the area and fired a shot from the right side, hitting Perisi in the extreme!

What is the interference from Mpemba (81)

The Congolese defender tackles Harry Kane brilliantly inside the penalty area. Marseille is about to collapse!!


After being sent back at the entrance to the rooftop, the Dane made a right-footed shot that shattered Pau Lopez’s bar.

Kabori’s Missing Deviation (79)

Burkina Faso wants to undo his goalkeeper but misses his gesture and concedes to the touch.

Harit and Sanchez try to combine (78th place)

In a very small space, the two players try two players but the Spurs defense is tight and they interfere without firing a shot.

Yellow Card for Ballerdi (75)

The Argentine defender has been booked for an unnecessary alert to the Tottenham player.

Several changes on the side of OM (73)

Samuel Gigot, who replaced Eric Bailey, due to injury, has been replaced by Mr. Kolasinac. Issa Kaboré enters Jonathan Clauss instead and Jordan Veretout makes way for Cengiz Ünder.

Center Nuno Tavares, opposite (71)

Great steering control from Amin Harit who speeds up and moves Nuno Tavares to the left side. Portuguese position, but a corner kick is blocked. You won’t do anything.

Sporting vs Frankfurt news (69)

Eintracht just scored in the Sporting Portugal Prairie. If the result remains that way and OM and Tottenham leave in a draw, Marseille will be moved to the Europa League.

New Tottenham attack (68)

However, Lucas was well contained by Nuno Tavares. Tottenham rotate the ball in the Marseille area.

Unauthorized Target Kane (65)

Harry Kane sent with a header from Lucas, and he goes alone to the goal and deceives Pau Lopez. The assistant referee raises his flag.

oooh chance it was! (sixty-third place)

Spurs counterattack led by Bentancourt. The game turns right with Emerson’s Harry Kane cross. Pau Lopez intervenes but shoots the ball at the foot of the England striker who cannot continue. What a fear in the Marseille region!

wrong ronger (61)

The referee blows the whistle at this intervention by Rönger at Höjbjerg. In slow motion it is not easy, it seems that the former Nantes player only touches the ball.

What a beautiful blow from Amin Harit! (59)

Twenty meters away, the Moroccan tries with his right foot. The ball lands on the loris beam.

Veretout Live on Lloris (58)

Jordan Veretot’s free kick is kicked straight and the ball lands in Lloris’ arms.

Fault on Tavares (57)

The Portuguese is advancing quickly on the left flank and is competing with Clement Lenglet. He ends up losing the ball but the referee is up to the foul.

BUUUUT from LENGLET to Spurs!! (55)

Perisic’s free kick found Lenglet’s header overtaking Lopez on his left. Tottenham are back in the game!

Beans from Guendouzi (53rd place)

Great ball retention from Harry Kane who managed to get back into the game.

Difficult recovery of OM (51)

Olympians struggle to enter this second period. Spurs became more daring and won more duels.

OOOH Spurs opportunity!! (49)

Betancur is fired on the left side and sends an excellent cross into the penalty area for Kane. Pau Lopez deviates with his fingertips and prevents the England international from a tie!

Change for Tottenham (47)

Ryan Sessegnon is out for Emerson Royal.

here we go again !!

Marseille kicks off the second half! OM is only 45 minutes away from qualifying for the Round of 16!

Results in the second half!

Note that Sporting Portugal has a 1-0 lead over Eintracht Frankfurt. If the score stays there, a draw with Tottenham will not be enough to take OM into the Europa League.

Mpemba, prolific defender!

The Congolese defender from OM has scored twice in the Champions League this season, accompanied by a assist. He was involved in three of Marseille’s last five goals in C1.

Oh Knock Harry Kane!! (45 + 7)

On the edge of the area, Kane fired a heavy right-footed shot that deflected Pau Lopez into a corner. The action that follows culminates in a far-reaching attempt by Höjbjerg who escapes from the frame. And we will stay there!

Marseille continues to advance (45 + 4)

Tottenham continues to chase the ball. 70% possession of the ball in favor of Igor Todor’s men.


After another corner kick was quickly played this time by Amin Harit in favor of Jordan Veritot. The Marseille midfielder crosses to the far post to find the angry Chancel Mbemba header that throws the ball into the net!!

7 minutes of extra time! (45)

Lots of extra time in this first period due to Heung Min Son’s injury.

Marseilles besiege the opposite surface (44)

All Tottenham players defend in front of the penalty area. All Marseilles are in the Spears camp.

Leg win in the air (42)

The Marseille defender jumps higher than every player in the penalty area but his header slips out of the frame.

A cross pass by Tavares deviated to a corner (41)

It was Clement Lenglet who intervened in this curling of the Portuguese. Corner to follow OM.

OM don’t risk enough! (39)

Mbemba has the chance to try his luck but ends up sending Rongir back. The complete hub, former Nantes didn’t try either. There is a lack of risk around the opposite surface on the Marseille side.

Good defense by Ronger (37)

Mbemba misses his move which is to the benefit of Harry Kane. The British striker accelerated but Valentin Rungier followed him and managed to smash him. Finally admit to an angle that will do nothing.

O dangerous center of Percy! (35)

In the area, Lucas Moura is not attacked and can move Perisic to his left. The Croatian sends a powerful pass in front of the goal that no one deviates from. But the touch referee raises his flag due to the offside position of the Brazilian striker.

Oooh loris parade!! (33)

Jordan Veritot recovers the ball on a cross from the right. The former Roma returns to his left foot and sends a powerful shot from the hemisphere that forces Hugo Lloris into the collision.

MF vs Mpemba (32)

OM, though, keep the skin. Rungier and Veritot touch a lot of the ball but sometimes struggle to find the gap.

Finally Yves Bisoma (29)

Hence, the Malian midfielder replaces Heung-Min Son. Lucas Moura will approach Harry Kane at the forefront of the Tottenham attack.

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