Windows 11 update, Moment 3 boosts performance!

Windows 11 update, Moment 3 boosts performance!

For a week now, you can test out the new features of the Moment 3 update for Windows 11. It is offered by KB5026446.

This is an optional update, so manual intervention with Windows Update is required to start downloading it. It introduces several new features, bug fixes, and significant performance improvements.

Windows 11, how do you get the Moment 3 update?

The most surprising facts relate to the support of seconds by the system tray clock, the addition of the LKD (live kernel memory dump) function in the task manager or a page dedicated to USB 4.0 in the settings. Microsoft doesn’t stop there as it has a long list of fixes and major performance improvements.

Windows 11 22H2, Moment 3 improves performance

related to several functions of the operating system. For example, the giant promises faster searches and improved gameplay for gamers who have a mouse capable of supporting a high polling rate. The latter corresponds to the frequency of data transmission with the PC.

Redmond says he’s worked on a responsive GUI to improve the speed of his most frequently used interactions by 15%. This ranges from the taskbar to notifications to quick settings.

The operating system as a whole improves over the time required to access the desktop by 10%. The startup application requirements have been reduced by more than half. New energy recommendations are available while the maintenance service (Windows Update) is able to consider its operational carbon footprint.

Finally, some of the native Windows 11 apps benefit from several improvements. for example

  • Microsoft Edge starts faster and is less memory-intensive with Silent Tabs functionality
  • The new Teams app is twice as fast and half as resource-intensive.

All of this content will be enabled by default next Tuesday.

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