OM-Benfica: Secrets of Gerard Gilly, the Olympic coach against the Portuguese in 1990

OM-Benfica: Secrets of Gerard Gilly, the Olympic coach against the Portuguese in 1990

Jean-Louis Gasset told us that you told him in Lisbon after the first match: “you can do that“Are you that confident?”

Yes, I told him I would because Benfica are very weak, one of their worst teams in recent years, and the first leg confirmed the discussions I had with former La Liga players. He lacks character, and his back is very fragile. I tell myself that in a game where Marseille puts pressure on the opponent immediately, where they win the ball back very quickly, I will be surprised if they can resist the pressure, that's clear. The first leg wasn't great, but with the pressure of 70,000 fans and the players chasing the opposition so high, it was supposed to do it.

I made the observation, made by almost everyone, that Benfica were rather weak. But Om wasn't really any better either…

(He cuts(If they are a little better, they will win on Thursday)Tonight). Benfica struggles to finish matches. OM, by doing very simple things and occasionally pressing a little, ensured that the opposing team easily split into two, which is a very important point to take into consideration. Benfica fans booed their team 20 minutes before the end… For a quarter of an hour, I told myself they were going to win, they put them in difficulty without doing very complicated combinations, like Aubameyang's goal.

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