Thomas Pesquet, the sci-fi fan behind Astronaut

Between the Jedi saga and Star TrekThomas Pesquet decided: “I am more star WarsThe star astronaut was in Monaco for the Magic Festival, dedicated to manga and sci-fi. At RTL’s mic, he considered his invitation in light of the genre conducive to dreams and speculation.”There are a lot of different ways. Obviously there are people who like it star Wars or Star Trek. This is always the great controversy between the two. Moreover, among astronauts, the ratio is between 50 and 50.

Today, Thomas Pesquet maintains a keen interest in science fiction films, which he watches without restlessness. “I can look alien No problem, he says sarcastically. We even watched a movie on the space station called lifeI suspect. A form of life returning from Mars. Obviously, everything is going very badly for the occupants of the space station. Note on the station, he made us laugh more than anything because he clearly doesn’t always stick to reality.

At the festival, the astronaut also takes the opportunity to discover another genre of science fiction: manga. “We all knew that growing up, but it was more of a narrative back then. Today, it’s really the current, if we may say so, “analyze”. We, as children with my older brother a little older than me, were really the little generation of Club Dorothée. So we grew up influenced by Japanese series and cartoons. Captain HarlockAnd Knights of the ZodiacAnd Cosmo Cats, etc., and the best. “

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